In this video you’ll learn how to dominate your business with top email best practices.

LionDesk head of business development, Randy Tobbe, shares tips for:

– How to appear more professional in email communication

– How to use email marketing systems

– How to improve your email deliverability rate

– How to have a strong call to action in your emails

– The importance of quality and consistency

Key points include:

1:08 – Email marketing has the highest ROI compared to other marketing efforts at 4,000% return ($40 return for every $1 spent)

1:41 – Always use your own domain for your email address versus a gmail, hotmail, yahoo email. This is important for professionalism as well as deliverability.

4:32 – Avoid your emails from going to spam

8:36 – The goal of the email is to guide the person to take an action. For example, book a meeting, download a checklist, provide a review

11:54 – Quality beats frequency but consistency is key

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