Landing pages are specifically designed for lead capture that works directly with your LionDesk CRM.

In this webinar, you will learn about the new Landing Pages feature directly from LionDesk founder and now GM of Agents and Teams at Lone Wolf, David Anderson.

Watch Here:

In our webinar this week our Training Specialist, Steven Lopez, covered:

  • How to navigate Landing Pages
  • How to generate leads using proven templates
  • And so much more!

What to use landing pages for:

The thought of using landing pages is exciting, but what can they best be used for? In this webinar, we give some excellent examples, here are a few:

  • Open houses/event signups
  • New listing/coming soon
  • Downloadable resources/ PDF files

Landing Pages Webinar Time Stamps

Looking for something specific? We want to make it easy! Here are the timestamps of what we covered:

  • (6:37) What’s included with LionDesk Landing Pages
  • (10:00) Landing Pages Demo
  • (11:54) Customizing Landing Page Templates
  • (22:29) Create Lead Capture Forms
  • (30:25) Assign Follow-up campaigns
  • (39:22) Special limited time offer!

Ready to use Landing Pages?

It’s never been easier to create beautiful landing pages!

Already have LionDesk? Simply add on landing pages, click here to add on or learn more:

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