LionDesk Can Help Create Better Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to communicate with incoming leads, stay top-of-mind with your database throughout the year and more. 

In LionDesk you can easily get set up in 3 steps:

  1. Create the content templates  
  2. Create the campaign flow
  3. Add contacts to the campaign 

Watch a quick 4 minute Live Demo to learn how you can easily create a campaign you can reach multiple contacts in multiple ways like email, text and calls to give you higher open rates!

Published Campaign 

LionDesk also has a Published Campaign Library that will give you access to thousands of campaigns created by the LionDesk community. You will find a variety of campaigns in the Campaign Library. You can campaign for new leads, buyer leads, Facebook leads, and more! Save time by searching through the Published Campaign Library, and start connecting with your contacts!

Note: To download a campaign from the Published Campaign Library, users must have a Starter, Pro+, or Elite plan. To take advantage of the Publish Campaign Library, as well as other great features, you can upgrade your account. Click here to learn how to upgrade. 

Watch this 6 min video where Jason Pantana shares tips on how you can repurpose your content and send more emails to stay top of mind of all your contacts.


Learn how you can leverage LionDesk to build a marketing machine. Click here to watch Database Domination where you will learn best practice tips of how to connect and stay top of mind with your contacts.

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