Carlsbad, CA: LionDesk, one of the world’s most innovative CRM, Marketing and Transaction Management platforms, announces the introduction of a powerful advertising portal that gives users the ability to generate leads using proven ad templates and custom audiences directly from inside the platform.  

This is the next step of innovation from LionDesk allowing users to generate leads in addition to qualifying and nurturing all within one easy to use and powerful CRM platform. 

“We’ve always been a powerful CRM solution, but this new development takes us beyond the traditional CRM and into the ultimate lead management system for real estate, mortgage, small business owners and more,” said David Anderson, LionDesk Founder and CEO. 

The initial launch of the LionDesk Ad Portal offers a direct connection to digital advertising channels Facebook and Instagram. Without ever having to leave the LionDesk system, users can create custom image or video ads by syncing their CRM data or use exclusive pre-built audiences, select a budget and publish the ad. If the user is a real estate agent with select MLS organizations, they can easily pull in their active listings to publish ads in minutes.  

“Gone are the days of spending hours creating a Facebook ad that doesn’t produce results,” said Marni Hale, LionDesk Director of Marketing. “It’s well known that the Facebook ad manager platform is not easy to use. With our new Ad Portal, users can skip the headache and take advantage of built in ad blueprints and audiences that will produce results better than on their own,” she added. 

Users in the initial testing group immediately experienced results better than they’ve ever seen with Facebook and are amazed with the ease of the process.  “I love how EASY the ads setup process was from start to finish. But my favorite part was how FAST I saw results and started getting new leads,” said Ana Velazquez, Realty One Group. 

LionDesk Ad Portal includes fully compliant Facebook ad blueprints that have been developed based on best practices from hundreds of thousands of actual ads. LionDesk users can choose from available blueprints to promote an active real estate listing or create their own single image, carousel or video ad content.   

In addition to the ad blueprints are the exclusive audience targeting options. Users have the option of connecting custom audiences based on their database contacts directly to Facebook from LionDesk and/or tapping into a pre-built exclusive audience list that act like Facebook’s look-a-like audience. 

Also available in the ad portal is direct mail through LionDesk’s partner Breakthrough Broker and coming soon, ability to create Google Ads, all from the portal. 

Combined with the LionDesk Lead Assist AI follow up system, the lead generation, nurturing and qualifying is taken care of entirely. Lead Assist uses AI to engage with leads immediately via text to nurture continuously for up to 12 months. All information collected during a Lead Assist conversation is instantly added in LionDesk where the salesperson can see and then take over the conversation at will.  

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