Right now we are in the midst of a digital revolution! 

Never before in history has more information been available.

The best part of this high-tech renaissance is the benefit it can provide to your overall operations, but more specifically, the sales process and growth process.

Our tech tool of choice?

A CRM of course!

With 47% of CRM users claiming that a CRM greatly improved their customer retention rates, can you afford not to use one?

We recently surveyed our own Lion Desk users about their biggest fear without a CRM and here’s what they said:

  • New leads falling through the cracks
  • Forgetting important tasks and follow-ups
  • Never having all my contacts in one place
  • Not being able to do my best
  • Not being able to stay top of mind

If there’s one thing all real estate agents, mortgage professionals, and small business owners know it’s that being organized directly impacts growth.

Let’s go through some of the major advantages associated with CRM technology.

Become Known for Your Excellent Service

When was the last time you recommended anything, but more specifically a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or business with subpar or even bad service?

Mostttt likely never.

The people and businesses with the best reputations and the ones with a long-standing history in their industry are typically the ones that treat their clients and customers well.

They might use marketing campaigns to attract new leads, but many of their leads come from people who know and love them.

AKA… existing clients and customers.

The same rules apply to you, and a CRM allows you to improve your customer service because you know more about your customers than ever before. 

With custom nurturing campaigns, customer-specific follow-ups and check-ins, your service becomes so beautifully appropriate, what client wouldn’t brag about it?!

And you know what that means…

More leads.

Better customer service leads to more word of mouth referrals.

Hello easier sales!

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Prospect

You’re gathering leads, but now what?

Instead of guessing which marketing campaign might work or sending a blanket message to everyone, a CRM allows you to segment your leads any way you’d like.

The more precise your segmentation strategy, the more data you’ll have on each person who enters your pipeline. 

With this information, the possibilities are endless!

You can create specific marketing campaigns based on your findings.

If you’re a real estate agent, for example, you can go beyond just buyer and seller. You might create a specific marketing campaign for home sellers in a certain neighborhood.

For a mortgage broker, instead of sending the same campaign to all your real estate agent clients, your segments might include neighborhoods or if the agent typically represents buyers or sellers.

For a small business owner, this could mean creating products and services based on the specific needs of your target audience, and segmenting your audience accordingly.

With a record of all interactions, you’ll quickly see what’s effective and what needs work.

Create a System that Works with Your Entire Team

Whether it’s one person or 100, a team that’s organized is more productive and successful than one that’s not.

With a CRM, you streamline the sales process. Contacts, data, templates, and more are available to your entire team in one unified place. 

No more searching for the right email template.

No more rummaging around for contact info.

No more looking for notes on a prospect.

It’s all right there — streamlined, organized, available for the entire team.

Improve Marketing, Forecasting, and Your Bottom Line

With everything in one place, analyzing that data becomes a heck of a lot easier. With a CRM, you can quickly see what’s happening across your real estate business. 

You’ll see which email and text campaigns are performing the best — allowing you to optimize your marketing.

You can check in on sales and see how many hot prospects are in your pipeline, primed and ready to work with you. When you analyze the typical time it takes for someone to go from introduction to client, you’ll be able to forecast and see what’s coming down the pipeline.

The longer you use a CRM, the more data you collect. This helps you predict not only your bottom line, but also other needs you might have. It might mean hiring more staff, adding new marketing campaigns, or creating new ways to serve your clients.

No matter what you learn from the data, it’s going to help you prepare and optimize your operations for your future needs.

Are you ready to streamline your real estate, mortgage, or small business with a one-and-done solution?

One that allows you to:

  • Become known for excellent service
  • Gain a better understanding of your prospect
  • Create a system that works with your team
  • Improve marketing, forecasting, and your bottom line

Then we’d like to invite you to give us a try! Click here to start a 30-day FREE trial today.