best closing gifts

Coming up with creative closing gifts that are meaningful and personal can be a daunting task! Most gifting websites are full of generic items that tend to get glossed over by clients. Plus, a good or bad closing gift will also determine whether or not your client will refer you out for future business as well.

One of the reasons we love subscription-based gifts is they’re the gift that keep on giving! If they love the first month, or first few, they’ll continue on with the subscription themselves, and still have a monthly reminder of you!

So with you in mind, we spent the past week scouring the internet for the very best closing gift ideas. With the 10 options below, there is something for every type of client:

Best Food & Drink Closing Gifts

Food and drink are not only always widely appreciated, but it’s a survival instinct. Tap into this emotional (and fun!) gift with these options:

For the Wine Lover

Plonk Wine Club
Plonk will send your clients 2 wines per month. All wines are selected by one of the top certified Sommeliers. Plonk focuses on an expertly curated selection of artisanal, small batch, and boutique wines from all around the globe. This ensures that shipments are unique. Three months of wine costs under $300 and is well worth it.

Give the Gift of Restaurant Cuisine at Home

Plated is the new way to help people cook delicious restaurant grade meals from the comfort of their own home. They provide all the ingredients required (pre-measured and already cut up) to make the meal with step by step instructions – cookers of all levels will love this! Meals are $12 per person per night – so $120 gives a family of 2 a week’s worth of meals. Tres magnifique!

For the Gourmet Lover

Dean & Deluca
Known for their amazing gift baskets and gourmet selections, a gift from Dean & Deluca lets your clients know how much you care. They have gift baskets for every type of client with our favorite baskets such as: Hampton’s Brunch, Movie Night, or the New York Nosh.

For the Coffee Addict

Mistobox is the perfect gift for coffee lovers. They deliver fresh coffee from all around the world straight to your doorstep. You can choose their coffee subscription for them or you can determine the amount of shipments you want them to receive and allow them to dictate their own subscription. Subscription options include the style of roast, coffee type (espresso, blends, or single origin), and the caliber of coffee.

For Your Extra Sweet Clients

The Cravory
Send the gift of fresh cookies delivered to the doorstep of your extra sweet clients each month. Every month boxes are packed with new flavors such as Raspberry White Chocolate Truffle, Pancake-Bacon, and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffle. Send 6 cookies a month for 6 months for $100. YUM!

Personal Closing Gifts Based on Passion

Every client is unique and has their own passions. Are they dog lovers? Or perhaps they love culture? If so, these are some great passion-based closing gifts.

For the Dog Lover

Is your client a dog lover? They will love this poochy gift coming straight to their doorstep. Each box includes specialized treats as well as fun toys – with a new theme each month. Send your client a box a month for 3 months for only $99. Once you send them the gift they will be able to tailor the gift to their dog size and needs. WOOF!

For Your Culture Loving Clients

Quarterly sends out curated boxes by industry leaders based upon cultural taste. You can send foodie gifts, gifts for home, health & fitness gifts, and music & culture gifts designed by industry leaders such as GQ, Pharrell Williams, Nina Garcia, and Book Riot. Gifts range from $25 to over $100.

Lifestyle-Based Closing Gifts

Whether your client is a single buyer, or a family with children, these lifestyle gifts are a fun and helpful way to help your clients imagine their new life in their new home!

For Your Male Clients

The Dollar Shave Club
The Dollar Shave Club delivers razors, blades, and cartridges to your front door every month. Plus the products they send are high quality which means you won’t find them at just any local convenience store.

For Your Female Clients

PopSugar Must Have
For female clients, the PopSugar Must Have boxes are a great gift. Each month they get around $100 worth of items ranging from books, candles, scrubs, and beauty products. At only $40 a month the products they get are high quality and things your client will actually want to receive.

For Your Clients With Young Kids

Kidbox sends boxes at the start of each season (Spring, Summer, Back to school/Fall, and Winter) that are full of clothing perfectly tailored to your kid’s own style! Plus, for every Kidbox purchased, they donate one outfit to an organization of your choosing. Avoid the malls, get cool clothes, and give back? This one is a no brainer. 

Subscription Closing Gifts Will Help you be Remembered

Whatever gift you choose to send the point is to be remembered, right? With a monthly subscription you are making sure that your clients remember you far past the transaction. Plus, who doesn’t love something new and unexpected every month delivered in pretty packaging, right?