Staging Your Home for the Holidays

It’s November! That means the leaves are changing colors, the holidays are upon us, and the housing market is about to enter it’s annual slow-down. But not yet.

Now is the time of year when people start feeling cozy and thinking about their homes, the holidays, and their families. Here are some tips on how to stage your house so you can increase sales for the holiday season.

1. Set the Table for a Holiday Dinner

Thanksgiving house setting

The holidays are all about family, love, and mostly FOOD! Get people thinking about their lives in this home. What would hosting a holiday dinner look and feel like? Do so by setting the table for a holiday dinner. This staging will help potential buyers emotionally connect to the home and envision themselves there.

2. Make it Cozy

stage a house cozy

It’s still fall, but daylight savings just happened so it’s getting darker earlier and people are getting ready to hunker down for the winter. Set out some books and if there’s a fireplace, get a fire going for the open house. You can even put blankets out on the couches. Something that will get people thinking “Wow, I could really relax here.”

3. Get Creative

hot chocolate open house

Here’s a bonus idea for coziness, if it’s a chilly day serve hot chocolate to visitors. Nothing says cozy like a nice hot chocolate! You can give them to people in to go cups with your card tucked into the sleeve. Get creative with it!

4. Make it Smell Like Home

stage a house candles

We’ve all heard the old tradition of having the house smell like fresh baked cookies, and it used to work! So why don’t we do it anymore? Instead of whipping out the apron, go and light some seasonal candles. If it smells like pumpkin pie or a Christmas tree, viewing a house as a home will feel irresistible to potential buyers.

5. Don’t Forget the Stoop!

open house stoop inspo fall

The stoop and entrance way to a home set the tone before people even step inside the house. Set out some pumpkins, put out a fall wreath. Do whatever would make the house feel like a home. It will even encourage more people walking by to check out the inside of the house!

6. It Doesn’t End at the Sale

house christmas ornament

You can get creative with gifts and trinkets! If you’re the listing agent, get the family a Christmas ornament of their old home so they can take the happy memories with them. This also works as a gift for people who buy a new home. It ensures that you’ll be remembered in a way that is the most important part of buying and selling homes: the emotional aspect. And it’ll be a reminder at the time of year when a house feels most like a home.

Happy Selling!