Why Every Successful Real Estate Agent Needs a CRM

Do you know that there are many real estate agents out there who are still not using a CRM or a system that can assist them in lead generation and leadership!

In the world of real estate, we all know that the number one most important thing is your client database to make sure you are staying top of your contacts and turning those into lifelong clients.

Real Estate Agent Monica Hathaway shares how a CRM has helped her increase her income while providing more value to her clients, loan officers, and overall business.

The savviest real estate agents know you can’t grow without a good CRM by your side.

Learn about the importance of using a CRM as a real estate agent and how it will help you 🔥CLOSE LEADS FASTER!🔥

In this short 27 minute video, Monica shares her key tips including:

  • Best CRM is the one you use
  • Mass Texting/ Video Text
  • LionDesk Campaigns
  • Task Reminders
  • and more…


1:50 Custom Campaigns is the way to go
2:43 Video Texting Example
3:40 TAGS are key to text multiple targeted audiences
5:38 LionDesk helped keep me top of mind for referrals
7:03 How she tags her contacts/ notes on her leads for best-personalized communication

13:13 Tips on communicating with a new lead

The bottom line!

From lead generation through closing the deal and even staying in touch with clients after that, a CRM is with you every step of the way. For Monica LionDesk CRM has helped her generate more business, it also helped her take back her time. This is time all real estate professionals can use to dedicate their time to things that are important to their business!

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