LionDesk Lead Assist:
A.I. Nurturing For Real Estate Agents

Never Lose a Lead

Spend More Time on Quality Engagements and Less Time Qualifying Leads

You Receive a New Lead

A lead fills out a form on one of 200+ different sites such as Zillow or Facebook

Lead Assist Engages

Lead Assist immediately reaches out to your new lead

Lead Assist Qualifies

Lead Assist asks meaningful questions using NLP and machine learning to qualify the lead

You Take Over That Lead

When Lead Assist has done its job, you can take over the conversation


Complete Business Relationship Platform

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  LionDesk Marketplace (coming soon)

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You won't find a CRM elsewhere that offers the same amount of value, customization and features at this price. Plans starting at $25/month.

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LionDesk has relationships with the best of the best when it comes to sales and marketing for sales professionals, allowing you to easily connect with 100's of companies.

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Barry Jenkins

Easily the best system out there to follow up and nurture leads that is fully integrated into my CRM, LionDesk.

Brendan King

The lead was incredibly impressed we responded "so fast". Initially, they thought it was an automated response. However, when they responded and the conversation ensued, they were convinced they were talking to a human being - at nearly 11pm!! They'll be writing up a contract soon.

Ben Watt

We watched a conversation yesterday get more info out of a lead then we normally do. 1 of my agents commented it's better at qualifying then him.

Scott Peck

The leads are smooth and engaging. I actually have jumped in while Lead Assist was engaging to see it in operation. We are actually out previewing properties and hope to have a house soon! Bam.

AJ Powers

It's amazing. Lead Assist is a part of every buyer and seller conversion.

Randy Charlton

LionDesk continues to push the envelope on amazing features to help us grow our business.

Sothebys International Realty
Barry Jenkins
Powers Premiere