LionDesk Concierge - Setup Service

You're busy.
Have an expert set up your LionDesk!

Our Done For You service sets up your LionDesk account and frees you up to focus on what matters most - building strong relationships with homebuyers and sellers.

LionDesk Concierge: Done For You
$399 (One-Time Fee)

What's included in the Done for You plan?

Turnkey Set-Up and 10+ Campaigns so you get the most out of your LionDesk subscription from day one.
We work with all plan levels but recommend the Pro+ or above for the enhanced text marketing functionality.
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  1. Assist with gathering ALL your contacts
Your concierge creates a master spreadsheet and imports up to 5000* contacts with PRE-ASSIGNED Types, Status, Hotness, and Tags.
* Imports over 5000 contacts will be charged an additional $25.
  2. Add 10+ CUSTOM Campaigns
Your concierge walks you through how to assign them to your contacts.
  3. Add your specific marketing resources
Your concierge adds your assets to LionDesk's included emails/texts (videos, eGuides, etc.)
  4. Customization
Your concierge customizes Contact Activity Alerts, Custom Contact Fields, Hotness Levels, and Tags to suit your business
  5. Add your core profile information
This includes your email signature, and related information.
  6. Set up Google/Office365 integration
Features coming soon to LionDesk V2!
  7. Lead Distribution
Your concierge sets up your free and paid Lead Distribution as applicable (Zillow,, etc).
  8. 3rd Party Integrations
Do you use Mailchimp, CloudCMA, etc.? Your concierge makes sure your account is connected.
  9. Facebook Lead Ad Pages
Your concierge integrates your account as applicable to your process.
  10. Integrate existing marketing videos
Your concierge makes sure your existing video assets are available for use in your LionDesk marketing templates.
  11. Short Codes
Your concierge sets up 5 short codes for you (requires that you purchase a LionDesk custom number).
  12. One Transaction
Get started on transactions with one initial setup.
  13. Email Whitelisting
Your concierge will get your email marketing whitelisted if your account meets eligibility requirements.
  14. 30-Minute Remote-Connect Wrap-Up
Your concierge gives you a personalized training session to empower you in using LionDesk your way.
  15. Helper Videos Access
Continue on-going learning on making LionDesk's tools work for you! (Note: New accounts only)