landing page website difference

So you probably have a website, but what about a landing page? Do you know the difference between the two? In this blog post, we will highlight the difference between a website and a landing page, and helpful tips on how to easily build a landing page that succeeds!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a simple, single page that is specifically created to capture lead information or sell a product/service.

Typically, people will enter their contact information in exchange for something, whether that’s a lead magnet, a newsletter, a product/service, or to be contacted about something specific. To help you visualize the difference, we are going to use our own homepage and our own free trial landing page as an example.

Landing Pages are Focused

Whereas a website is a place where people can learn more by exploring multiple pages, a landing page is a very simple page that has one purpose and one purpose only: to capture information or sell a product.

As a result, it must be free of distractions in order to succeed, which means no navigation menu or external links. Take a look at our website:

Now, take a look at our Free Trial landing page:

Landing Page Example

Do you see the difference?

Landing Pages Do Not Have Menus or Outside Links

The website has multiple pages and links that send the user to other parts of the website so that they can learn more and explore the site at their own leisure.

Here are all of the links that navigate away from the homepage:

Website CTA Exxample

And here are your clickable options on the Free Trial Landing Page:

Landing Page Example

As you can see, the entire page is just a button to submit the form and start your free trial, and a logo that goes to the homepage. No other menu items or clickable links. Just a focus on the one thing you want visitors of this page to do.

How to Create Landing Pages

Now that you see the difference and the value, you might be thinking “That’s great, but how am I supposed to keep creating new pages for ever offer or lead magnet?”

While you can build landing pages on your website, the best way to create them are through a landing page builder.

What is a Landing Page Builder?

A landing page builder is exactly how it sounds, it’s a drag and drop builder that is specifically made to capture leads with templates and best practices built in, no coding required!

And it just so happens that LionDesk has its own landing page builder that connects directly to your CRM Database, so you can have your lead capture and nurture all in one place!

Look at how easy it is:

Real Estate Landing Pages

If you already have LionDesk, you can easily add on landing pages here:

If you don’t have LionDesk yet (what are you waiting for??) As part of our 14 day free trial, you have the option to add on our landing page builder:

Yes, we are sending you to a landing page about landing pages, how meta is that??

Now that you know all about landing pages, you know what to expect. Enjoy the ease and go take charge of your business!